Cultures of Collaboration

Why is creating a Culture of Collaboration so profitable?

Why are cultures of collaboration so profitable? A winning culture provides a sustainable growth engine based on the capacity and capability of those you’ve asked into your organization.

One way to think about great Cultures is to contrast a company with a Culture of Chaos. Within a culture of chaos, systems and departments don’t speak to each other, people are unsure of their roles and responsibilities; customers are turned off by lack of trust, communication and accountability.

Blame, gossip, confusion, and absenteeism lead to high turnover for both customers and people. Work centers are in siloes, innovation is rare, learning and development is basic at best. What type of person would thrive in the environment? Why would talented people seek out this culture and if they did why would they stay?

Cultures of Chaos are a Financial Drain

A Culture of Chaos drains the company financially, with being innovative and with a loss of executive mindshare. It also speaks to lost opportunity with strategy and the ability to execute on mission critical objectives.

Essentially the organization’s energy is misguided and unfocused.

Now for the good news, is it possible to create a Culture of Collaboration out of this mess? Of course, if the organizations leadership is committed to do so. YES, and beyond that it’s possible to take a good culture and make it rock…absolutely.

Enlighten360 Culture of Collaboration

Enlighten360 features foundational Cultures of Collaboration programs for our clients that are focused on two Peter Drucker principals:

“They’re not your employees, they’re your people”


“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

Commitment to Your High Performance Organization

Are you committed to creating a high performance organization; a more profitable, more dynamic enterprise that’s filled with possibility?

Enlighten360 will help you construct the future that you’ve envisioned for your organization. It is our mission to help you create not only a Culture of Collaboration but help you brand your company as an “Employer of Choice”; attracting the best and brightest people. Our approach:

  • Internal Cultural audit, SWOT, gap analysis, and applicable assessment tools.
  • Change leadership strategy, change management systems.
  • External Cultural audits, seeking the wisdom of customers, clients, and vendors, et al.
  • Implementation, measuring, metrics to ensure a programmatic regime is fulfilled. Processes validated for results.
  • Value proposition, customer engagement, people satisfaction metrics, leadership assessment are all part of the equation.

What Does Your Culture Say About Your Company?

What does your existing culture say about your company, your brand in the eyes of the community, to delivering on your customer promise? Does it reflect the vision laser focused on a radically successful future, is it a place in which high talent people vying to have a career, do the most profitable customers stay?

Any organization is only as good as those they surround themselves with, and collectively that organization is only as good as the last customer interaction.

Cultures of Collaboration share a commonality with the employer of choice model as well as learning organizations that challenge people and lives it’s values.

The best employees choose where they work, they’re often recruited/sought out of companies were the culture’s are dysfunctional or even toxic. It’s about your people, their growth, how they’re recognized, and allowing them to make a difference where they work.

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