Blueprinting Your Profit Engine

Our Passion in Helping You Achieve Yours

Blueprinting “Your” Profit Engine,  Optimize Performance and Profitability

“All organizations are perfectly aligned to get the results they’re getting.” ~ Arthur W. Jones, Organizational design expert.

Are you determined to create a business that works for you, and not the other way around?

What’s possible for you and your business? What’s your vision for your team, department, organization, company, or enterprise? Want to sell you business at a continually improving multiple?

No matter what size your business, organization, team, or division, there are five key components to Creating Your Profit Engine. Culture, Leaders, People, Process and Measured Results all pointed at delivery your organizations promise to the customer. Nothing will say success more than a customer that refers business to you.

Can you be coached into a prosperity model?

At Enlighten360, we’re not interested in those who wish, hope, and want to take their business to the next level…those terms are for beggars. Once you’re “absolutely committed” to optimize yourself and your organization then success is yours and we will show you the way.

Vision and strategy are at the core of the Profit Engine along with properly implemented tactical, process and structural road map all creating tremendous energy, direction and momentum.

But first some questions.

  • Is your organization fully aligned with people, process and measured outcome to maximize performance and profitability?
  • Is your organization fully optimized to capitalize on market opportunities, retain the most profitable customers and acquire the best talent available?
  • Do you have the people in place to create Profit Engine status?
  • Do you have the capability and capacity within your organization to achieve high performance with measured results?
  • Do you have an exit strategy?
  • Would you like to ultimately sell your business for more that it’s worth today?

Creating Your Profit Engine.


Do you have a culture of collaboration or chaos? Most importantly is your culture a high performance machine fully wrapped around serving your most profitable customers?


Do you have real leaders or people with titles in your organization? Do they communicate effectively, do they have the trust of their people, are they trained in t emotional intelligence, do they share your vision? Are you stuck at the tactical level, doing things, or doing the right things within your strategy?


Do you have the people with the capacity and capability to take your organization to the next level? What are you doing to ensure you have a succession plan, exit strategy, what’s your learning goal with your emerging leaders?


Does it work? How do you know if it works? What speed bumps need to be removed? How do you innovate your processes, provide change leadership, provide the organizational structure within which your people will excel?

Measure and Metrics

Do you on a daily basis know exactly where your organization is on a financial/tactical basis in tandem with your organizational strategy? What does success look like in your organization, how’s it achieved, how do you know if your people are hitting milestones? What’s your action matrix when things are going as planned?

There is a multiple step process; we’ll show you how to implement and create the Profit Engine for Your Business.

Our approach:

We employ all the tools available to us to complete a full diagnostic for your organization. Every part of our process is customized to your specific needs.

Our toolkit:

An arsenal of assessment process improvement programs, SWOT analysis, gap analysis, cultural audits, customer audits, all the tools that create a snapshot of the “state of the organization. Emotional intelligence programs, customer engagement solutions for high profitability, change leadership/change management solutions. Post merger integration, executive 360’s, organizational 360’s and customer audits. And three decades of performance related business acumen for improving organizational performance, proven methodologies, all customized to take “your” organization to the next level.

The Organizational Assessment

“All organizations begin to decay the moment they cease self evaluation”.

What’s your current state? Where do you want to go, how quickly do you want to get there?
What’s the capability and capacity of your organization? Do you have the right people in place to take you there? Is your organization fully aligned to deliver the best customer experience available in the marketplace?

What will it take to get there?

Aligning Organizational Resources, Optimize Performance

All internal-external resources in full alignment implement the organizations strategic plan. Everyone person in the company fully focused on the customer, no exceptions. Your customer portfolio features the most profitable customers available to you continually evaluate customers to ensure they meet your profitability and performance standards.

Accelerate for Sustainable Growth

This is where the fun begins; growth and performance are the outgrowth of the Profit Engine. As the business owner or executives it’s your job to not get in the way.

Either you run the business or the business runs you… there’s nothing in between. Creating a Profit Engine requires commitment, solid strategy, a well-defined structure and process or system to ensure it runs of itself.

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