World Class Learning Systems

Enlighten360 provides world class learning systems created to help you engage, educate and energize your employees for productivity gain and sustainable growth velocity.

An investment in The Enlighten360 Learning System is an investment in your people. As you give them opportunities to learn, grow, and improve their job skills, they will reward you with greater commitment and noticeably improved performance.

  • Dynamic: All workshops are interactive to engage your team and bring the material to life.
  • Competency Based: Your employees will learn new skills and competencies to improve job performance.
  • Spaced Repetition Learning: Workshops are intentionally presented over time to give employees the opportunity to master the material and build excitement about the upcoming workshop.
  • Accountability: The workshops emphasize skills rather than theory, and personal development plans are encouraged and shared with management for career advancement.
  • State of the Art Materials: Our workbooks are the best on the market today to ensure ease of use,reuse, and maximum impact.
  • Client ­Focused Training: You want lasting results, so we tailor learning to your specific needs.