Although any content can help you get referrals, there are three types of content that specifically increase referrals. The content itself may not be so different but the way it communicates is.

Guest BloggingContent Aimed at Another Person’s Audience

Guest blogging is a great way to increase referral traffic because it exposes you to another audience beyond yours. But this isn’t limited only to guest blogging. In any situation where you’re a guest – whether a guest webinar presenter, a guest on a podcast or video, a guest live presenter, etc. – you increase exposure to your message.

Content Created in Collaboration

The same goes for content you create with someone else. When two people team up to present a webinar or create a product, this doubles the potential of exposure for both. You can tailor your message specifically for the other person’s audience. It’s a good situation for both.

Content by Customers

A third way to increase referrals is to let your customers create your content for you. This can be done through a variety of ways, including crowdsourcing content such as photos, asking for testimonials, conducting interviews, presenting case studies or writing personal stories. This content engages your customers and makes them part of your business, which results in more referrals.

In referral marketing, always look for ways to get others involved in what you’re doing. This is how you leverage your efforts for more referrals.

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